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Advantages of Tengda Twin Screw Extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-10-09

The twin-screw extruder meshes and rotates, and the residual material in the barrel can be cleaned automatically. The twin-screw extruder generates less frictional heat during the extrusion and melting of the resin. The resin is plasticized in the barrel of the twin-screw extruder, and the twin-screw meshing shearing action is stable and uniform, and the raw material is mixed and plasticized with good quality.

The plasticized resin is directly extruded and kneaded in the twin-screw extruder with powder, and the product quality is also relatively stable, which saves the need for kneading and granulation before molding products with a single-screw extruder for polyvinyl chloride and other resins. The melting and plasticizing time of the raw material in the barrel is shorter (that is, the residence time of the raw material in the barrel is shorter than that of the single-screw extrusion plasticizing raw material in the barrel), and the production efficiency is higher than that of the single-screw extruder.

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