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Cassava Tapioca Starch 100% Biodegradable Granules Making Machine

Cassava Tapioca Starch 100% Biodegradable Granules Making Machine


PLA/PBAT/PBS etc.Biodegradable Granules Production Line


Good NewsWe present the whole set "biodegradable material formula" 


This twin screw extruder machine in the video is used to produce biodegradable granules for the biodegradable packaging, such as shopping bags, lunch boxes, spoons, etc.

We have been manufacturing the biodegradable granules making machine for more than 10 years.

Background introduction:

This kind of machine is used to produce biodegradable material, like PLA+PBAT+etc.;
Because the government in many countries begins to conduct environment protection policy, the market of the biodegradable material is quite hot now. This is a kind of Eco-friendly material.

After being used for 3-6 months, the biodegradable material can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment. 

The bio-based materials industry has the advantages of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and renewable raw materials. It can not only solve the white pollution problem fundamentally, but also reduce oil consumption and ease the pressure on petrochemical resources.


1. PLA/PBAT/PBS etc. Biodegradable resin+Biomass filler(starchplant fiber+lignin etc.)+other additives;

2. PLA/PBAT/PBS etc. Biodegradable resin+minerals filler(CaCo3Talcum power etc.)+other additives;

3. PLA/PBAT/PBS etc. Biodegradable resin+Biomass filler(starchplant fiber+lignin etc.)+other additives+minerals filler(CaCo3Talcum power etc.)+other additives;


The main uses of biodegradable materials are: disposable tableware, non-woven fabrics, packaging materials, agricultural coatings, toys, coatings, glues, fibers and other biodegradable products.


Machine Technical Features:

1. Equiped with hing torque or ultra-high torque gearbox,decelleration and torque distribution are integrated, new structure design,imported zero-stress safety coupling can be selected.

2. Adopt high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant barrel and screw and high-strength mandrel. 

3. Adopt air cooling strand pelletizing system,the unit has reliable performance and the operation is easy.


Nanjing Tengda has been committed to the research and development of the application of twin-screw extruders in different materials, and is at the forefront of the development of the industry. In the continuous R&D practice improvement of the technical team, a twin-screw extruder suitable for Biodegradable materials has been developed.

In 2020, Nanjing Tengda was approved by the Nanjing Development and Reform Commission to become the Nanjing Biodegradable Material Engineering Research Center.Obtained as Jiangsu High Tech-tech Enterprise and National High-tech Enterprise.

In the future, Nanjing Tengda will continue to devote itself to the research and development and production of degradable twin-screw extruders to make them walk to every corners of the world.


Our company has obtained High-tech Enterprise and National High-tech Enterprice and passed ISO:9001 International Quality Management System Certification, CE Certification, TUV Certification, 17 utility model patents, 4 invention patents and 1 appearance patent.

Nanjing Tengda will continue to devote itself to the R&D and production of twin-screw extruders, and continuously improve products to meet customers’ requirements.

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