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Important information about the utilization of plastic granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-11-09

The plastic granulator is an important part of the plastic recycling process, and because it needs to be shaped for the plastic, the mechanical structure is special. If you do not pay attention to the use of mechanical parts, it is easy to cause mechanical self-damage and production safety accidents.

1. The granulator should run forward; avoid reverse.​​

2. The granulator should not be run on an empty stomach in a cold machine, and it must be run with a warm machine, so as to avoid the phenomenon of sticking to the bar (holding the shaft).​​

3. It is strictly forbidden to enter iron and other sundries in the feeding port and vent hole of the granulator. In order to avoid accidents and affect production.

4. Pay attention to the temperature change of the fuselage at any time. When you touch the sliver with clean hands and do not touch your hands, it should heat up immediately. It is normal until the sliver sticks to the hand.

5. When the bearing part of the reducer burns hands, or is accompanied by noise, it should be repaired in time and refueled.​​

6. When the bearing parts at both ends of the bearing chamber of the main engine are hot or noisy, stop the machine for maintenance and add butter. During normal operation, the bearing chamber should be greased every 5-6 days.​​

7. Pay attention to find out the operating rules of the machine; such as: the temperature of the machine, the speed of the speed, and it can be dealt with in time according to the situation.​​

8. When the fuselage is unstable, you should pay attention to check whether the gap between the couplings is too tight, and adjust it in time.

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