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​Production process of masterbatch granulator 2

by:TENGDA     2022-11-13

The production process of the masterbatch granulator can be divided into 7 steps:

1. Weighing: Toner, carrier, lubricant, dispersant and other additives are weighed according to the weight required by the process, the higher the accuracy, the better.

2. Stirring: Put the weighed additives into the high mixer in an orderly manner according to the technological process.

3. Extruder: Set according to the temperature of the carrier of the masterbatch, start the machine after the heat preservation to a certain time, and increase the speed from slow to fast.

4. Stranding: The backer of the die discharger takes the material strip and moves it to the pelletizer at a constant speed, and halfway through the blow dryer or suction dryer.

5. Cut and pull: When the material strip arrives at the feed port of the pelletizer, slowly increase the speed of the pelletizer.

6. Packing: Packing according to customer's needs.
7. Follow-up adjustment: After the whole set of equipment is running normally, adjust the speed to the normal production speed in turn.

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