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TENGDA’s plastic machinery fully intergrated automation + internet of things control system solutions

TENGDA’s plastic machinery fully intergrated automation + internet of things control system solutions


TENGDA’s plastic machinery fully intergrated automation + internet of things control system solutions

         The interconnected in the industrial 4.0-- CPS (cyber physical systems) is not a simple altemative to the Internet, the Internet of things, and the sensing network. It is a deep integration of the information and the physical.

         The future extrusion equipment is no longer an isolated automation and information island. The future extruder factory will form a flexible and intelligent product manufacturing network through the cloud platform and the whole supply and demand system. In the industrial 4.0 background, the development trend of intelligent extrusion, customized production of multi variety and small batch fast cycle; High integration of various production techniques and processes; autonomous production process under less people or unmanned state; information management from the whole process of raw material to finished product...

        In the process of industrial 4.0, our equipment is more intelligent! Intelligent production line of TENGDA:

(1) can monitor the current of the exruder.

(2) can monitor the temperature of the exruder.

(3) can monitor the power of the exruder.

(4) the energy consumption per ton of material can be monitored. (At present, only equipment with rice weight control is supported)

(5) you can view the data on the phone.

(6) records and statistics of equipment failure, parts replacement and other information can be recorded and counted.

(7) can connect the MES system.

(8) the program can be debugged remotely.

        Based on the MES system platform, the information communication platform of workshop production management is realized and move toward the intelligent direction

(1) R&D and production integration

        Work out the development and production of products, realize deep integration of development and production information, technology, standards and index.

(2) Virtual manufacture

        Make full use of the virtual production and verification platform to fully verify the workshop production, logistics, quality, equipment management and other resources.

(3) Intelligent equipment & thing connection

        Implement intelligent equipment, realize multi-interface and multi-protocol equipment thing connection, obtain the real time information and parameters of the equipment, predict faults and improve continuity.

(4)Planning schedule

        According to sales forecast and order demands, balance workshop production capacity, arrange production property, reduce bottleneck problems and improve overall production efficiency.

(5)Intelligent logistics

        Logistics software and hardware integrated application of intelligent logistics to remind, reduce logistics bottleneck, improve logistics delivery precision rate, reduce shutdown stop.

(6)Quality control

        Based on instrumentation, obtain quality data, accurately predict quality trends, control quality defects effectively, and improve product quality class.

(7)Manufacturing process

        Make use of technical means to realize the transparency of manufacturing process, and quick respond to all kinds of abnormal in the manufacturing process to ensure the orderly execution of production.

(8)EHS compliance

        According to the industry standard, build EHS workshop environment parameter monitoring, and provide the suitable base environment for product manufacturing.

(9) Synergy and decision making

        Solve information asymmetry, reduce communication cost, support collaborative manufacturing, make decision based on data, make the decision process intuitive and reasonable.

        Tengda twin-screw extruder-a pioneer in the development of twin-screw extruders, specializing in the design of various plastics(PP PE ABS PC TPE etc.), environmentally friendly materials (biodegradable resins), water-soluble materials, chemical, etc. compounding systems manufacture. In order to promote the research and development of high-end twin-screw, we established a twin-screw business research and development department with China North Industries Group in 2013. The company has passed ISO, TUV, CE certification, and has 30+ patents.

       Tengda twin-screw extruder has a lot of experience and exclusive technology. Cooperating with us, you can obtain the best solution for every compounding requirement, from laboratory-level special applications to industrial production.

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