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The main points of choosing a twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-10-14

Before buying a twin-screw granulator, you must have a certain understanding of this equipment in advance, and only after understanding its basic information can you make a better choice. They provide you with reasonable advice, of course, if you have sufficient funds, you can directly choose a high-profile device, which is of guaranteed quality and performs well.

It depends on whether the twin-screw granulator manufacturer can provide you with the corresponding equipment information. Generally, regular twin-screw granulator manufacturers will have detailed information on each equipment. If they only provide some simple tables, no The actual equipment parameters, performance, etc., can be re-selected manufacturers, because such manufacturers will have great hidden dangers, equipment failure will have a great impact on future production.

The twin-screw granulator is currently used in a wide range of applications, and almost many manufacturers use it to varying degrees. Therefore, before choosing a twin-screw granulator, you must be aware of your production needs and what your products need. To understand the performance in terms of performance, when choosing, it is necessary to choose a few more manufacturers, and the principle of shopping around is still practical. The professionalism can be seen through the introduction of products by different manufacturers and the provision of equipment parameters.

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