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What are the benefits of a three-screw extruder? Here's how it works!

by:TENGDA     2022-12-22
At present, there are more and more brands of three-screw extruder equipment on the market, especially as environmental protection strictly controls the prohibition of plastics, resulting in a substantial increase in the three-screw extruder equipment industry. It is more difficult to find a brand with good quality and longer service life, and good equipment can help us reduce unnecessary damage during long-term use and operation. So what are the benefits of a three-screw extruder? Here's how it works!

What are the benefits of a three-screw extruder?

1. With the rapid development of economic development, three-screw extruder equipment has caused a harsh environment at this stage. If it is not prevented and dealt with, it will be difficult to ensure the improvement of environmental problems. The biodegradable plastic extruder produced can be decomposed in a short period of time through installation and use of the biodegradable plastic extruder, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating white pollution and creating a green and blue sky. The three-screw extruder has good equipment management, imported parts, simple and convenient operation, strong applicability, various specifications, and can be customized for free.

2. To find a high-quality three-screw extruder, we need to take care of the manufacturer. After all, a good manufacturer is also a brand problem. We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, research and development, design and sales.

How does the three-screw extruder work?

1. The three-screw extruder fully plasticizes, disperses evenly, expands the rolling area, enhances the kneading effect, and has a good plastic effect. The rolling area is doubled for more even dispersion as there are two meshing zones.

2. Biting the masterbatch with teeth will shrink, and there will be cracks but not cracks, indicating that the produced masterbatch has good toughness. Because of its sufficient plasticity and uniform dispersion of ingredients, it is used to blow 0.005mm film, and the test results are very uniform. With the help of high agitation, the three-screw extruder can produce a higher concentration of carbon black masterbatch, and the particle toughness is better.

3. Under the action of the rotating screw, the three-screw extruder kneads into a ball and rolls forward along the screw groove. Due to the shearing, compression and stirring of the screw, the material is further mixed and plasticized, the temperature and pressure gradually rise, showing a viscous flow state, and the required shape is obtained through the nose, with a certain pressure and temperature.

4. The production of 50% conductive carbon black masterbatch by the twin-screw extruder must be intensively refined, while the three-screw extruder does not require an intensive refiner, and the material can directly enter the three-screw extruder to produce 50% carbon black masterbatch .

What are the benefits of the three-screw extruder above? This is how it works, I hope to learn more, and you can pay attention to the next update!
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