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What are the points to pay attention to when using a twin-screw extrusion granulator?

by:TENGDA     2022-10-13

When we use the twin-screw extruder granulator for production, the staff must not leave their posts without permission to prevent some unnecessary accidents. Therefore, when you buy a twin-screw extruder, you must learn about its usage and precautions from the twin-screw extruder manufacturer, so as to facilitate our safe use.

Before each use of the extruder, pay attention to check whether there are foreign objects in the barrel, up and down the hopper and inside, whether the bolts in each part are loose, whether the safety cover is firm, whether the position of each button switch is correct, and keep the equipment hygienic and clean. After the twin-screw extruder is put into normal production, the operator should always check the temperature change of the bearing parts, and do not touch those rotating parts with hands during the operation of the equipment. To start the motor for driving the screw rotation at low speed, check whether the pointer of the working ammeter of the main motor swings normally.

When disassembling and installing the screw and mold of the twin-screw granulator, do not hit the parts with a heavy hammer. If necessary, put a hardwood on it before disassembling or installing it. If you don't understand anything, you can call the twin-screw extruder manufacturer. related inquiries.

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