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What tools and parts do professional extrusion workshops need?

What tools and parts do professional extrusion workshops need?


1. The fully equipped extrusion workshop shall have:


6 foot and 10 foot folding ladders.

6-inch worktable with wooden countertop and vise mounted at one end.

Work gloves.

Insulated hot work gloves.

Propane spray gun.

extrusion parts

Wire brushes of all sizes.

Copper gauze.

Anti seize agent suitable for any heating bolt (such as on the mold).

A complete set of commonly used hand tools.


Plastic bucket.

Fire extinguisher, placed near the machine.

Crowbar (crowbar).

Pipe tape.

Electrical tape.

Cable ties.

Fluidized beds, high-temperature cleaners or ovens for cleaning plastics on metal parts.


extrusion parts in Tengda Extruder

Resin spoon.

Rubber gloves (disposable).

First aid kit.

Wire brush, flat or round.

Brass scraper (or hard brass putty knife).

High temperature fiberglass insulation, roll 0.25 x 2 inches (for wrapping molds or fusion tube adapters).

Demoulding spray.

Wood or plastic paint agitator (used to fiddle with the inlet or outlet).

Sandpaper, 220 and 320 grit.

Keep the workshop vacuum.

Metric combination open-end/box wrench.

Channel locking pliers.

Needle nose pliers.


Utility tools.


Pipe wrenches, 6 "and 12".

Files, either flat or round.

Wire stripper.

Tengda extrusion parts

Kit with various wires and connectors, wire nuts.

Screwdriver, wrench, hammer, hex wrench (metric).

Digital multimeter.

Clamp on inductive ammeter with AC and DC functions.

PTFE tape.

High temperature fiberglass tape, 1 inch wide.

Half inch electric drill and full set of drill bits.

Drilling machine.

4.5 inch angle grinder with sanding and abrasive cutting disc.

A set of professional motor tools and all available accessories.


1. Spare parts that should be readily available include:


• Fuses.

• Thermocouples.

• Thermocouple bayonet adapter.

• Barrel heaters.

• Mold heaters.

• Solid state relay, suitable for the correct type of heating zone.

• Dynisco pressure sensor.

• Transmission oil filter.

• The correct grade of transmission oil.

• Gaskets and O-rings for vacuum stack assemblies.

• Barrel cooling hose.

• Solenoid valve.

• Screw, barrel, shaft (depending on installation type).

• Screw head.

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