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2019 India International Plastic Industry Exhibition

2019 India International Plastic Industry Exhibition


2019 India International Plastic Industry Exhibition

The India International Plastic Industry Exhibition was held at the Greater Noida Exhibition Center, New Delhi on February 28,2019.

Indiaplast is plastasia further in the plastic industry and is one of three plastic shows in India. The organizer, TRIUNE Exhibition, together with PMMAI, the most well-known plastic machinery manufacturing association, provides a 72,000 square meter indoor exhibition platform for merchants targeting the Indian market. The show will attract more than 900 plastic machinery and ingredients companies from 18 countries and will reach over 90,000 viewers. Indiaplast is also the only international oak and plastic show in New Delhi.

India is one of the fastest growing plastic industries in the world, with plastic consumption growing by 16% annually, compared to 10% in China, compared to around 2.5% in the UK. This trend is likely to continue due to the growing middle class (currently estimated 50 million) and low plastic consumption per capita (currently only 8 kg per person). Plastindia Foundation estimates that the per capita plastic consumption in the country could even reach 16 kg by 2018. Meanwhile, according to British Plastindia Foundation, injection molding is up to 58%, followed by extrusion, 30%; blow molding is about 10%, and other technologies are only 2%.

Nanjing Tengda also participating in the India International Oak and Plastic Exhibition, our company exhibited the TSH series experimental directional double screw hybrid granulation machine group.

The design concept of TSH experimental extruder is plug and play mode, and adopts integrated mode. All systems are installed in the base of the mainframe extruder and can be put into use as long as the power, and water is well prepared.

TSH experiment twin screw extruder has the advantages of less material consumption and high efficiency in switching different materials, good amplification consistency, that is, the performance of products made by small experimental equipment is no different from that made by large machines.This twin-screw extruder fully considers the need to adapt to and meet the requirements of various experimental conditions in the design process. It has been equipped with or reserved a lateral forced feeding port to facilitate the operation of some materials that are not suitable for the first feeding port. At the same time, it has reserved a liquid feeding port to facilitate the diversion of liquid raw materials.

Special used in Teaching research in higher vocational colleges,New material experiment and material modifications of polymer high molecular weight in Colleges and Universities; Color master batch, functional master-batch production enterprises, testing the dispersion and plasticity of master batch; Plastic additives enterprises, testing the function of additives;The sales company of master-batch and additives, applying in taking sample for the customers.

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