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Board Extrusion Line

A board extrusion line, also known as a plastic board extrusion line or PVC board production line, is a complete system designed for the manufacturing of plastic boards. It caters to various types of boards, including PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) boards. The line consists of several key components and equipment that work in harmony to produce high-quality plastic boards.

The plastic board extrusion line encompasses a range of machinery, including the extruder, calibrator, cooling system, haul-off unit, cutting unit, and stacker. The extruder is responsible for melting and homogenizing the plastic material, while the calibrator ensures precise board dimensions. The cooling system rapidly cools the extruded board, allowing it to solidify. The haul-off unit controls the speed and tension of the board, while the cutting unit trims it to the desired length. Finally, the stacker collects and organizes the finished boards.

This versatile line offers flexibility in terms of board thickness, width, and surface texture. It utilizes advanced technologies to optimize the extrusion process, resulting in boards with consistent quality, excellent dimensional accuracy, and desirable physical properties. The board extrusion line finds applications in industries such as construction, advertising, packaging, and furniture manufacturing. It enables efficient and reliable production of plastic boards to meet diverse customer needs.

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