TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.

Compounding Extruder

Compounding extruders are used to mix together two or more materials into a homogeneous mass in a continuous process. This is accomplished through distributive and dispersive mixing of the various components in the compound as required.The process is as following:①Measuring: accurate weighing of various raw materials and materials.②Mixing: In the mixing equipment of different forms and structures, the various components are uniformly dispersed and mixed.③Plastification: use internal mixer, open mill or plasticizing extruder (see plastic machinery) to melt and homogenize the mixed components.④Separation: Eliminate volatile components, air and impurities brought in by the original material and materials.⑤Pelletizing: If pellets need to be made, use various pelletizers to cut into pellets of a certain size and shape.Nanjing Tengda, as one of the most professional extruder manufacturers, We supply complete solutions to your compounding projects. 

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