TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.

TENGDA Extrusion Machine Series

Tengda Extrusion Machine manufacturer focuses on manufacturing quality plastic extruder machine

TSH-P Series Twin Screw Extruder

Water-Cooling Strand Pelletizing System—Economical And Applicable, High Cost-Performance

TDH-P High Torque Series Twin Screw Extruder

TDH Series—High Torque&High Output&Energy-Saving, it can be used in various plastic granules production.

Biodegradable Granules Making Machine

We will present you the material fromulation if you place the order of PLA/PBAT/PBS/PHA etc. Biodegradable Granules Production Line from us.

Lab Twin Screw Extruder

Integrated design&Muti-function,all systems are installed in the base of the extruder and can be put in use as long as the power supply and water is well prepared.

TD-SX Under water pelletizing system

Twin screw extruder with TD-SX Under water pelletizing system, suiable for all high requirement plastic granules and micropartic

Air-Cooling Die-Face Hot-Cutting Twin Screw Compounding And Pelletizing System

This production line is mainly used in the filler masterbatch: PE/EVA+calcium carbonate/Talc/Carbon black, cable wire materials,anti-flame masterbatch: PE,EVA etc.+SbO2/Mg(OH)2, Al2(OH)2 etc.

Water-Ring Die-Face Hot-Cutting Twin Screw Compounding And Pelletizing System

This production line is mainly used in high filler masterbatch, line PP/PE calcium carbonate filler masterbatch, talc filler masterbatch, transparent filler masterbatch.

Twin-Screw PET Underwater Strand Pelletizing Production Line

This system is designed for PET bottle recycling specially. No need labor to track the strand, reasonable and compact machine unit, less land occupation.

TSC/SE Series Two-Stage Compounding And Pelletizing System

Suitable for processing heat-sensitive polymer materials, such as various types of PVC cable materials, transparent materials, and various types of PE cross-linking Materials, as well as PE shielded cable materials, shoe sole foam materials, etc. 

Fully automatic granules production line

Fully automatic granules production line, automatic loss-in-weight feeding system, automatic packing system, water-ring die-face hot cutting system.


 Tengda extruder machine manufacturers have created the leading manufacturing technology platform in the extruder machine industry.

With over 30 years of combined experience, Tengda is committed to technology development, customer satisfaction, and providing high quality, high volume, and profitable plastic extruders. Superior service and competitive pricing to create more value


You're looking for high-quality, durable extruders that will last for years and years? Tengda plastic extruders manufacturer are the best fit for your needs!  Our team of experts is ready to design your own custom extruder and have it manufactured in our factory. Contact us today!

All extruder machines can be customized according to your requirements.

We have professional sales to answer your questions and overseas engineers

to help you install and maintain your plastic extruder machine equipment.




Extruder Machine Manufacturers


Exported to 60+ countries, 20000M3 Factory area, 30+ years experience.

Tengda Extruder Manufacturera pioneer in the development of twin-screw extruders, specializing in the design of various plastics(PP PE ABS PC TPE etc.), environmentally friendly materials (biodegradable resins), water-soluble materials, chemical, etc. compounding systems manufacture. In order to promote the research and development of high-end twin-screw, we established a twin-screw business research and development department with China North Industries Group in 2013. The company has passed ISO, TUV, CE certification, and has 30+ patents.


Tengda Extrusion Machine has a lot of experience and exclusive technology. Cooperating with us, you can obtain the best solution for every compounding requirement, from laboratory-level special applications to industrial production. The teams of Tengda's various divisions composed of engineers, chemical researchers, technicians and experts in various fields will provide customers with powerful process solutions.


Tengda Extruder Manufacturer adheres to the tenet of paying great attention to the customer's use of the equipment, focusing on the high production and efficiency of the equipment, the orderly design and the purpose of serving customers, to design and deliver the ideal equipment, and continue to create more value for customers. 


  • TUV Extruder Machine Manufacturers Certificate
    TUV Extruder Machine Manufacturers Certificate
  • TUV Extruder Machine Certificate
    TUV Extruder Machine Certificate
  • CE Tengda Extruder Machine Suppliers Certificate
    CE Tengda Extruder Machine Suppliers Certificate
  • Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers Certificate
    Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers Certificate
  • ISO Plastic Extruder Machine Certificate
    ISO Plastic Extruder Machine Certificate


Extruder machine industry and enterprise latest trends, welcome to subscribe attention Tengda plastic extruder machine manufacturers.


Contact us, we will send you machine details and various material solutions.

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