TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.
Plastic Granules Cutting Machine

Pelletizer is used to cut the plastic into uniform and beautiful granules.

Tengda Pelletizer — The best cost and cost -effective advantage:

(1)High torque motor and gearbox, more efficient production efficiency;

Reasonable pelletizing process design.The uncontrolled distance design between the contact point of the pressing roller and the pelletizing point - effectively guarantees the quality of the pellets. The longer the distance, the easier it is for the strip to bounce, resulting in a bevel.

(2)The precise design of the knife: The minimum gap can reach 0.02 mm; thereby ensuring the quality of the particle cutting and reducing energy consumption.

(3)Rotary cutter-Different materials: different teeth, different tooth shapes; WS01 Hard alloy steel: used for ordinary engineering plastic;  HM02G tungsten tungsten carbide hard alloy steel: for adding a small amount of wear material HM02F; tungsten carbide hard alloy steel: Used for materials with a glass fiber content of up to 60%;

(4)The upper roller:  EL01 can be used for general materials to resist high temperature to 150 ° C; EL24 can be used for high -developed material high temperature resistance to 170 ° C.

(5)Cutting room at room to lock up: The switch is fast and accurate to ensure the safety of the operator; the pneumatic spring support cover; more stable, more durable;

(6)The operating panel is controlled by PLC programming;

(7)Muffler cover : without muffler cover, the noise will increase by at least 5dB(A).

(8)Sword Sword Center. The full imported custom grinding machine is adopted; professional and accurate domestic leadership; can be used to repair and process various brands of various brands.

More than 30 years of experience in cutting machine manufacturing: provides users with strong technical support.

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