TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.
Extruder Barrel

Nanjing Tengda offers various barrels for extrusion line, direct compound barrel, complete liner barrel, solid barrel and split type barrel etc.

The barrel of twin screw extruder is an important part in plastic extrusion process. The barrel and the screw work together——the barrel holds the screw, the screw rotates in the barrel. When the screw rotation pushes raw material forward in the barrel, the outside barrel is heated, and the heat is conducted to the plastic in barrel. After cutting, shearing and other forces by screw elements, the raw material mixture is plasticized evenly. As it moves to the front of the barrel, it gradually melts into a viscous flow state and completes the plasticization of the raw material. The normal combination of barrel and screw ensures the continuous extrusion of raw materials.

Advantages of our barrels:Long operation life.

Barrel material: The barrel shell is made of high quality #45 steel, Inlaid bimetallic wear-resistant alloy bushing: A-101 , Cr26, Nickel-Based Tungsten Carbide.

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