TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.

Thermoplastic Elastomers Extruder


Tengda has delivered a large number of compounding plants around the world for the production of thermoplastic elastomers in various rubber shapes and formulations.


TPE thermoplastic elastomer is distinguished from other conventional plastics because it has both the elasticity of rubber and the thermoplasticity of plastics. According to its chemical structure, it can be divided into TPE-S, TPE-O, TPE-U, TPE-E, TPE-A and TPE-V.

Elasticity—rapid recovery of a material to its approximate initial shape and dimensions after substantial deformation by force and subsequent release of that force. 



Thermoplastic elastomer TPE wire and cable applications:

1.Wire and cable are traditionally mostly used as insulation and coating materials, but due to environmental problems caused by PVC materials, the industry has gradually replaced, replaced by thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). New materials.


2. kitchen supplies and sanitary ware TPE application: kitchen and toilet filled with grease and humid environment just take advantage of TPE materials, the kitchen handle with TPE is more slippery, more comfortable, the bag with anti-slip ring is more secure on the table, use It is safer for kitchen knives and scissors, and more powerful when using a slippery cleaning brush. Make cooking and cleaning home more comfortable and safe.


3. TPE application of baby products: parents care for children is even more meticulous, the safety and comfort of baby products and toys are demanding. Therefore, baby products have higher requirements on the safety and hygiene level of materials than traditional toys. The soft and high toughness of TPE and the environmentally friendly and non-toxic properties meet the strict requirements of the products.


4.TPE tool handle application: TPE is applied to the tool handle by double material co-molding method, providing anti-slip and shock absorption function, soft and warm comfort, and improving product durability and added value. TPE's oil-proof and soft-slip properties make electric tools such as electric drills more reliable in oily and dusty working environments.


5. TPE sports equipment application: TPE has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, making it more excellent performance in outdoor sports equipment than traditional rubber. Water supplies such as flippers, goggles, and flying saucers can maintain good softness and resilience after seawater immersion and sun exposure.



Thermoplastic elastomers: TPE, are divided into the following categories:

(1)Styrene-based thermoplastic elastomers: mainly including SBS, hydrogenated SBS (SEBS), SIS, and hydrogenated SIS.

(2)Polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer: TPU

(3)Polyolefin thermoplastic elastomers: TPO, POE, TPV

(4)Polyamide thermoplastic elastomer: TPEA


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