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Cable Material Extruder



The main requirements for processing high-filled flame-retardant cable materials are consistency, reproducibility and product purity. TENGDA specializes in manufacturing a complete HFFR processing line, including raw material processing, feeding, compounding, pelletizing, cooling and packaging, which can fully meet the above requirements.


(1)Halogen-free flame retardant formula for cables (HFFR)

(2)Processing mixtures for low, medium and high voltage cables on the basis of elastomers

(3)Cross-linked polyethylene PE (mixed with peroxide)

(4)Products that are sensitive to temperature and shear, such as PVC insulation and sheath

(5)Cross-linked polyethylene and radiation cross-linked plastics

(6)Semiconductor mixtures and special products containing alloys and blends



Thermosensitive material is a kind of material with poor thermal stability. It is sensitive to temperature and easy to decompose, degrade and discolor at high temperature. When decomposed, it releases corrosive or toxic gases. It is necessary to strictly control the processing temperature (e.g. polyvinyl chloride, polyformaldehyde, EVA and copolymer of vinyl chloride, etc.). 

Because of its good insulation and stable chemical properties, this kind of material is widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, transportation, aerospace manufacturing, national defense and military industry. In the production process of twin screw, high-speed shear and high pressure will lead to the increase of local temperature of materials, which directly affects the processing of heat-sensitive materials. 

TENGDA has improved the twin screw plastic extruder model, developed special screw components and new equipment, summarized the characteristics of screw assembly, and developed a set of screw components, screw assembly and equipment for processing thermal sensitive materials. It can effectively control the temperature change in the process of heat-sensitive material processing, and provide customers with a set of high-quality special solutions.




Soft PVC

(1)PVC cable: insulation material, sheath and cushion

(2)Raw materials for shoes and soles (also including foamed PVC-P)

(3)Extrusion materials for profiles and pipes (including medical applications)

(4)Injection molding materials

(5)Floor film and sheet


Rigid PVC

(1)Raw materials for extruded profiles for indoor or outdoor use

(2)Injection molding grade accessories, etc.

(3)Blow molding materials such as bottles and containers

(4)Alloys and blends

(5)Film (feed from the calender)



Flame retardant, low smoke and halogen-free cross-linked cable material is a new type of environmental protection cable material that emerged in recent years after people enhanced their awareness of environmental protection. The traditional insulation material of wire and cable is mainly polyvinyl chloride, but polyvinyl chloride contains halogen. Accident combustion of wire and cable will release toxic smoke, seriously pollute the environment, and hinder fire fighting and evacuation of firefighters. 

Environmental protection wire and cable refers to the wire and cable with "green" insulating material. These "green" insulating materials do not produce harmful substances when burned. Flame retardants do not contain halogens. Additives containing harmful heavy metals are not used, plasticizers for ordinary PVC are not added, and toxic gases are not emitted during daily operation. It has good heat aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, high-temperature resistance and flame retardancy. It is used in locomotive cables, oil platform cables, marine cables, photovoltaic cables, nuclear power cables, high-rise buildings, subway, stations, airports, power stations and shopping malls and other relatively closed or concentrated important buildings and facilities. 

According to the characteristics of environmental cable materials and years of design and development experience, TENGDA as one of the professional twin screw extruder suppliers, provides special equipment for mixing and modifying the granulation of environmental cable materials according to customer requirements, which can provide a guarantee for customers to quickly occupy the commanding heights of the industry.


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