TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.
Screw Elements

Nanjing Tengda provides different kinds of screw elements for extruder: Convey Elements, Kneading Elements and other special elements like SME Element, TME Element, ZME Element SK Element etc.

The twin screw extruder screw adopts modular design, combined by shaft and screw element one piece by one piece. The screw element mainly consists of the transport unit and kneading unit.The main function of the conveying screw element is to help the material forward in the cylinder, and it will determine the conveying speed according to the size of the lead. The larger the lead, the faster the conveying speed. The main function of the kneading screw element is mixing, which is used for the distribution and dispersion of the materials. The strength and weakness of the dispersion and distribution effect are determined by the thickness of each disk. Meantime, the larger the angle, the stronger the shear.

Features and advantages of our screw elements:

(1)Screw element material is W6Mo5Cr4V2 (high speed tool steel) with the best wear resistance, the whole adopts vacuum quenching treatment, hardness is 60 ~ 62HRC;

(2)The screw element is designed by the building block principle, and the screw element and the screw shaft are connected by an involute spline, and the screw combination can be adjusted according to the process requirements;

(3)Screw shaft is one of the most important elements that ensures well running of extruder machine. Screw shaft is key to pow transmission and ensure the extruder running smoothly. That's the reason why we do more tests on individual combination to meet the tolerance requirement.

(4)The screw elements are all made by CNC machining center, with good identity and strong process repeat-ability,which is benefit for changing.

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