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Masterbatch Extruder

A masterbatch extruder is a specialized type of extrusion equipment used in the plastics industry to produce masterbatches. Masterbatches are concentrated mixtures of pigments, additives, or other components that are added to raw plastics during processing to impart specific properties or colors.

The masterbatch extruder is used in a wide range of applications, including the production of color masterbatches, flame retardant masterbatches, UV stabilizer masterbatches, and more. It is commonly employed in the plastics industry, particularly in the production of packaging materials, automotive parts, and construction materials.

Nanjing Tengda, as one of the most professional masterbatch machinery manufacturers, can provide customers with complete masterbatch extruder solutions, from material transportation, metering feeding, extrusion, granulation, drying, to material packaging. In the preparation of masterbatch, resin, pigments, additives (dispersants, light stabilizers, etc.) need to be dispersed and distributed efficiently and stably through mixing equipment to ensure that all kinds of materials with different components are evenly distributed in the resin. The masterbatch blending and masterbatch extrusion system of Nanjing Tengda Machinery Co., Ltd. is suitable for masterbatch operations with different colors, such as black, white and color, and different binders, such as PE, PP, PA, ABS, PET, POM, TPE, TPU, etc. 

Masterbatch mainly has two kinds: filler masterbatch and functional masterbatch. Different materials have different technological process. Water / air-cooling strand pelletizing system, water/air-cooling die-face hot-cutting pelletizing system and under-water pelletizing system are all the common process methods for masterbatch. We will choose one most suitable machine type for your needs according to our 30 years' experience.

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