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Extrusion Line

The plastic extrusion line is a comprehensive and efficient production system that is used to create a wide range of plastic products, such as plastic sheets, films, tubes, profiles, and pipes. It comprises various components and machinery, including the plastic sheet extrusion line, extruder line, film extrusion line, and other auxiliary equipment.

The plastic sheet extrusion line is specifically designed for manufacturing plastic sheets with precise dimensions and excellent surface quality. It typically consists of an extruder, a die, a cooling system, a haul-off unit, a cutting system, and a stacking unit. The extruder melts and homogenizes the plastic raw materials, which are then forced through the die to form a continuous flat sheet. The sheet is rapidly cooled and solidified, and then processed further as required.

The extruder line is a crucial part of the plastic extrusion line. It is responsible for melting and conveying the plastic materials through a barrel using a rotating screw. The extruder can be configured based on the specific requirements of the product being manufactured. It is equipped with temperature control systems and precision screws to ensure optimal processing conditions and uniform melting of the plastic.

The film extrusion line is designed for the production of plastic films, which are widely used in packaging, agriculture, construction, and other industries. It involves a similar process as the sheet extrusion line, but with additional components for film-specific requirements, such as chill rolls, corona treaters, and winding units. The film extrusion line allows for precise control over thickness, transparency, and other film properties.

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