TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.

Biodegradable Plastics Extruder


Individual Solutions for Compounding of Bio Plastics-TENGDA is specialist for complete compounding lines for biodegradable materials.

Processing of bio plastics places very high demands on the compounding process and the mixing process because of the variety of possible base polymers and the great differences in formulation. Every process must be customized exactly to the desired properties of the end product.

Over the past ten years since its establishment, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the production of biodegradable materials, the teams of Tengda's various divisions composed of engineers, chemical researchers, technicians and experts in various fields will provide customers with powerful process solutions.We can provide the entire equipment from raw material mixing, compounding, pelletizing, drying, conveying and packaging.


Typical Applications For Bio Plastics

1. Plastics with granular starch as a bio-degradable filler

2. Starch-based loose filler

3. Thermoplastic starch

4. Polylactide (PLA), PVOH, synthetic copolyester, PBS, PHA, PCL, CA

5. Compounds of various bio materials

6. Compounds of plastics and bio materials

7. Pelletizing of PLA, polymerization of PLA

8. Filling and reinforcement with 40-70 % wood

9. Filling and reinforcement with natural fibers such as flax, hemp, cellulose

10. Compounding for injection molding applications

11. Compounding in inline injection molding

12. Compounding in the inline press process

13. Profile extrusion with WPC profiles


Compounds based on Biological or Renewable Material

Bio based products are products which are wholly or partly composed of biological or renewable materials. They are becoming more and more important as part of efforts to make the economy more sustainable and lower its dependence on fossil fuels.The handling of the raw materials and the processing properties of bio based materials are similar to engineering plastics.


Typical Applications

1. Adhesives

2. Composites

3. Fibers, paper, and packaging

4. Fuel additives

5. Landscaping materials, compost, and fertilizer

6. Lubricants and functional fluids

7. Plastics

8. Paints and coatings

9. Solvents and cleaners

10. Sorbents

11. Plants and vegetables


The use and function of the end product define its ingredients. With our comprehensive engineering know-how we design your individual compounding plant-whether you process bio based material for longlasting products or produce biodegradable material.


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