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PLA Plastic Twin Screw Extruder Pellet Machine

PLA Plastic Twin Screw Extruder Pellet Machine
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producing plastic pellets
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Exported to 60+ countries,mainly:America,Europe,South and east Asia,Afria,Ocenia
CE & ISO & TUV & more than 30 items patent
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Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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25~35 days
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T/T, L/C, WU, Paypal
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Product Applications

The PLA extruder machine is a specialized type of extruder designed to process and manufacture polylactic acid (PLA) plastic materials. It finds various applications in industries that require sustainable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly plastic products. Here are some specific applications of the PLA extruder machine:

  1.  3D Printing: The PLA extruder machine is widely used in 3D printing to produce high-quality filaments. PLA is a popular material for 3D printing due to its biodegradability, low toxicity, and ease of use.

  2.  Packaging: The machine is utilized to produce PLA-based packaging materials such as bags, cups, and food containers. These products are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging options.

  3.  Textiles: PLA fibers can be produced using the extrusion process, making it suitable for manufacturing clothing, upholstery, and other textiles.

  4.  Agriculture: PLA extruder machines can be used to produce biodegradable plastic mulch films used in agriculture to improve soil quality, preserve moisture, and control weeds.

  5.  Medical Industry: The machine is utilized in the medical industry to produce biodegradable sutures, implants, and drug delivery systems. These products offer a safer and more sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

  6. Consumer Goods: PLA extruder machines are used to produce various consumer products, including disposable utensils, toys, and stationery.

In summary, the PLA extruder machine finds applications in various industries that require sustainable and eco-friendly plastic products. Its versatility, efficiency, and precision make it an essential tool for processing PLA plastic materials for 3D printing, packaging, textiles, agriculture, medical, and consumer goods applications.

Product Details

Tengda PLA plastic twin screw extruder pellet machine is a high-quality compounding extruder designed specifically for processing PLA (polylactic acid) plastic materials. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, Tengda offers reliable and efficient solutions for compounding and pelletizing PLA plastics.

The Tengda PLA plastic twin screw extruder pellet machine combines advanced technology and innovative design to deliver exceptional performance and versatility. It features co-rotating twin screws that provide efficient mixing, compounding, and melting of PLA materials. This ensures consistent and uniform melt quality, enhancing the overall production process.

With a focus on sustainability, the Tengda PLA plastic twin screw extruder pellet machine is engineered to handle the unique characteristics of PLA plastics. It can efficiently process and pelletize PLA materials, transforming them into high-quality pellets suitable for various applications such as 3D printing filaments, packaging materials, disposable utensils, and more.

The machine offers flexibility in terms of configuration and control, allowing manufacturers to optimize their compounding processes according to specific requirements. It incorporates advanced features such as precise temperature control, customizable screw elements, and intuitive operator interfaces, ensuring ease of operation and accurate process control.

Tengda's PLA extruder machine is built to withstand rigorous production environments and demands. It is constructed with high-quality materials and components, ensuring reliability, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

Choose the Tengda PLA plastic twin screw extruder pellet machine, our machinery is a top-notch compounding extruder specifically designed for processing PLA plastic materials. Its advanced features, efficient performance, and versatility make it an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking high-quality pellets for various PLA applications.

Product Parameters

Screw Diameter (mm)2235.641
Screw Speed (rpm)400-600400-600400-600400-600400-600400-600400-600
Motor Power (kw)415/18.5/2230/3755/75
Output (Kg/Hr)2-1515-9570-150155-355255-550450-850950-1600

Notes: The output for different materials are different, take an example: the same model, the output of

high fillermasterbatch is 2-3 times higher than color materbatch.

Screw Diameter (mm)35.64151.462.47193115.5
Screw Speed (rpm)400-800400-800400-800400-800400-800400-800400-800
Motor Power (kw)22/30/3745/5590/110132/160
Output (Kg/Hr)20-150150-280

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