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Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Extruder
Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Extruder

Fiber reinforced has two kinds:glass fiber reinforced and carbon fiber reinforced.

Fiber reinforced are based on pure plastic with the addition of glass fibers and other additives, thus increasing the range of uses of the material.The general objectives of twin-screw configuration and barrel configuration for glass fibre plastics are: to prevent degradation of the matrix resin, to distribute each fibre uniformly in the matrix resin and to disperse the fibre bundles; to wet each fibre with the polymer melt while ensuring good adhesion, to cut the fibers to a suitable length and to achieve a very good reinforcement of the mixture; to remove volatiles generated during the extrusion process; and to minimize wear on the screw and barrel.

Thus,the meshing twin-screw extruder is widely used in the production of glass fibre reinforced pellets due to its excellent mixing performance, convenient and flexible building block structure,high production capacity and automated operation. Usually water-cooling strand pelletizing system and under-water pelletizing system are recommended. 

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