TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.

Bio Plastics Extruder

These extruders are used to produce any kinds of 100% biodegradable material, such as PLA/PBAT/PBT/PBS etc.+Starch/CaCO3.

Bio Plastics Extruder

TENGDA is dedicated to developing more eco-friendly biodegradable plastic extruder for many years and we have successfully applied this technology to finish many projects. 

At the same time, our company forms the foundation of the whole industrial chain of "raw material production - product processing - product application - waste degradation". 

In general, bio plastic extruder adopts air-cooling strand pelletizing system, which has many advantages. For example, the units have more reliable performance. And the way of air-cooling can help the heated material cool quickly. Besides, the operation is easy, which can help workers be proficient in operating. According to different needs, we design two types of biodegradable granules production line: TSH-P with high performance and TSH-D with high torque and production. Moreover, the biodegradable granulator completely use automatic technology. Compared with traditional extrusions, it can greatly improve the work efficiency and own longer service.  

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