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PLA PBAT Starch Biodegradable Plastic Granule-Making Machine

PLA PBAT Starch Biodegradable Plastic Granule-Making Machine
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producing plastic pellets
Key selling points:
Exported to 60+ countries,mainly:America,Europe,South and east Asia,Afria,Ocenia
CE & ISO & TUV & more than 30 items patent
Place of origin:
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Production time:
25~35 days
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T/T, L/C, WU, Paypal
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Product Applications

The PLA PBAT Starch Biodegradable Plastic Granule-Making Machine has a wide range of applications in various industries. Here are some of the key applications:

Packaging: The biodegradable plastic granules produced by this machine can be used for manufacturing eco-friendly packaging materials such as bags, containers, and films. These materials have similar performance to traditional plastics but degrade naturally, reducing environmental impact.

Disposable Products: The granules can be used to produce disposable products like cutlery, cups, plates, lunchboxes, biodegradable shopping bags, and straws. These items can be easily composted or biodegraded after use, minimizing waste accumulation.

Agricultural Films: Biodegradable plastic films produced from granules can be utilized in agriculture for mulching, greenhouse covering, and soil preservation. They help enhance crop yield, reduce chemical usage, and minimize soil erosion.

Medical Applications: Biodegradable plastic granules can be used in medical devices and packaging, including sutures, implants, and drug delivery systems. The materials provide compatibility with the human body, eliminate the need for additional surgeries for removal, and reduce environmental contamination.

This machine is widely used in the biodegradable plastic industry for the production of granules used in injection molding, film blowing, sheet extrusion, and other manufacturing processes. It plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions by offering an efficient and reliable method for producing biodegradable plastic materials.

Production Process

Product Details

The PLA PBAT Starch Biodegradable Plastic Granule-Making Machine is a specialized equipment used for the production of biodegradable plastic granules from materials like polylactic acid (PLA), polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT), and starch. This machine is designed to efficiently process these materials and transform them into high-quality granules that can be further used for various applications.

The machine employs advanced technology such as twin screw extrusion, which ensures thorough mixing and melting of the raw materials. It also features precise temperature control, allowing operators to maintain optimal processing conditions throughout the production process. This results in consistent granule properties and enhanced product quality.

The PLA PBAT Starch Biodegradable Plastic Granule-Making Machine is versatile and can accommodate different formulations and ratios of PLA, PBAT, and starch. It enables the customization of granule properties such as size, shape, and mechanical strength, according to specific application requirements.

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