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Advantages of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-12
Among all kinds of plastic processing equipment, the most outstanding one is the plastic extruder, which has become one of the most widely used equipment in the plastic processing industry. The plastic extruder is composed of several systems, which are the extrusion system, the transmission system and the heating and cooling system. Of course, there are several types of plastic extruders, which can be divided into single-screw extruders according to the number of extrusion screws. extruder, twin-screw extruder and multi-screw extruder. From the putting into use of the plastic extruder to the present, its development has been rapid and gradually formed a track in line with its own development.
At present, the twin-screw extruder is widely used, which is well adapted to the current plastic extrusion processing. The twin-screw extruder has less heat generated by friction, relatively uniform shearing of the material, larger screw conveying capacity, relatively full and stable extrusion quantity, longer residence time of the material in the barrel, uniform mixing, and high efficiency. , high-yield advantages, which can enable many plastic manufacturers to obtain greater output and high returns with relatively low investment, and the cost performance is also very high, but the accuracy of auxiliary devices and control systems must be improved, and the screw and barrel. Increased wear requires the use of high wear-resistant and ultra-high wear-resistant materials, and the life of the reducer and bearings is increased when they are mature and high-speed.

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