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Analysis of common problems of various twin-screw extruders

by:TENGDA     2022-11-09

Analysis of working faults of twin-screw extruder:

1. The motor cannot be started

① The power supply is not connected or the fuse is blown.

②There is a broken wire in the line or the connector is loose.

③The control knob of the servo motor is not adjusted back to the zero position.

④ The lubricating oil pump is interlocked with the main motor, and the oil pump motor does not start.

⑤ The driving procedure is wrong.

2. The working current of the main motor is unstable or high

①The feeding of the barrel is uneven, and the amount of material is suddenly large and small.

②The constant temperature heating time of the machine is short, and the plasticizing temperature of the material is low.

③The heating temperature control of the barrel is not stable, and the temperature fluctuates.

④The bearing of the main motor is severely worn and may be damaged.

3. The temperature of the bearing part of the main motor is high

① There is a lack of lubricating oil in the rotor bearing, and there is a phenomenon of dry conflict.

⑦The rotor bearing is damaged or severely worn.

Fourth, the main motor works, the rod does not roll

①The safety pin in the transmission system is broken.

②The heating and constant temperature of the barrel is short, and the temperature of the internal medicine of the machine is low.

③ The V belt is severely worn, and the automatic wheel is idling.

④ There is a transmission key in the transmission parts falling off.

⑤ There is a metal foreign body in the material in the barrel that jams the screw, making it unable to roll.

⑥ The transmission gear teeth are broken.

5. The working speed of the screw of the plastic extruder is not stable

① The base distance of the V-belt pulley is too small, the V-belt device is too loose, and the operation slips.

②The speed control equipment of the motor is faulty and the control fails.

③The heating temperature control of the barrel is not stable, and the temperature fluctuates greatly; the material in the barrel is plasticized

The temperature is not stable.

6. The working speed of the screw is stable, but the extruded material is not stable

① The material in the hopper is 'bridged', and the feeding of the barrel is not continuous.

②The debris at the shunt plate is blocked, and the flow of the extruded melt is not smooth.

③Lack of cooling and cooling in the feeding section of the screw, the temperature of the material is too high, and it sticks to the thread surface.

The screw rolls so that the barrel cannot be fed.

④The control of the heating temperature of the barrel is not stable, and the temperature of the material fluctuates up and down, which affects the melt.

stability of activities.

7. The rolling sound of screw operation is abnormal

①The screw is deformed and twisted, and there is a conflict with the machine.

②There are metal foreign bodies in the plasticizing material of the screw in the barrel.

③ The temperature of the plasticizing material is low, the torque of the screw is large, and the overload operation is performed.

④The connecting bolts between the machine block and the machine base are stretched and deformed, and the machine barrel is dislocated during the operation.

⑤ The shunt plate is deformed or there are too many impurities, and there is a blocking phenomenon here.

8. The humidity of the extruder barrel fluctuates greatly. difficult to control

①The thermocouple is not in good contact with the temperature measuring part.

②The electric heating aluminum sleeve and the barrel are not completely in contact, and there is a gap.

③The wiring of the resistance wire in the electric heater is not strong.

④The temperature control surface operation fails.

9. The temperature of the transmission bearing is high

①Lack of lubricating oil in the bearing. ②The drive shaft is deformed and twisted.

③ The ball bearing is severely worn or the ball frame is damaged.

10. The extruder is noisy during operation

①Motor and fan roll key, fan blade scraper cover.

② The V-belt pulley is incorrectly installed, and the V-belt runs unevenly at high speed.

③ Gear meshing transmission lack of lubricating oil, resulting in tooth surface meshing dry conflict.

④The transmission shaft is tortuous.

⑤ The rolling bearing is severely worn.

⑥ There is conflict between the screw and the barrel. PVC Granulator

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