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Analysis of Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Rubber

by:TENGDA     2022-11-07

Analysis of Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Rubber

The dynamic mechanical properties of rubber is to discuss the relationship between stress, strain, loss and time (deformation frequency) and temperature when the rubber is cyclically deformed under the action of periodic external force. Many rubber products processed by the rubber masterbatch granulator, such as tires, transmission belts, elastic couplings, shockproof products, etc., are used under dynamic conditions. The characteristics of dynamic deformation are generally small deformation (not more than 10%) and high frequency. Dynamic mechanical properties discuss the performance of rubber under repeated stress that is far from failure. The test methods of dynamic test include dynamic viscoelastic spectrum, compression fatigue and flexural crack test.

1. Field viscoelastic spectrum On the dynamic viscoelastic instrument, the rubber sample is subjected to tensile or shear action at a certain frequency and amplitude, and its dynamic modulus, elastic modulus (skin), loss modulus, and loss modulus are measured at continuously changing temperatures. The amount and loss tangent show the largest loss at the glass transition temperature point of the rubber.

2. The compressive fatigue test of the skin and the skin is carried out on the Guteqi compressive fatigue testing machine. The specified compressive load is applied to the sample through a balance lever, and the sample is periodically compressed with a certain amplitude and frequency. The compressive fatigue temperature rise of the sample is measured within a certain period of time, and the static compressive deformation rate, dynamic compressive deformation rate, permanent deformation and fatigue life of the sample can be measured at the same time. The more the temperature of the specimen rises, the greater the damping of the rubber. High temperature will greatly reduce the physical and mechanical properties of rubber, affecting the service life of the product. Elastomer Granulator

3. Cracked rubber flexural cracking test The rubber sample produces cracks under repeated reciprocating flexion or observes the level of crack growth at a certain number of flexing times. General rubber flex tests are carried out on a Demesia flex tester with 180° bending at a frequency of 300 times per minute. The shoe material sample is carried out on a special bending test machine for footwear, and the bending angle is 90°.

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