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Analysis of precautions for the main engine of twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-10-14

The pressure sensor at the head of the twin-screw granulator is equipped with a data display table. The number of the normal operating digital display meter cannot exceed 10MPa. Therefore, the staff should always monitor the number on the digital display meter. If it is found to exceed 15MPa, check whether the flow channel is blocked. If it is, stop feeding immediately. , At the same time, reduce the screw speed of the host a little bit, so that the number on the digital display of the sensor is lower than 10MPa. If the display is still abnormal, a manual shutdown should be performed.

The operator should regularly check the lubricating oil pressure gauge at the tail of the twin-screw granulator. If it is found to be below 0.05MPa, stop immediately and check the oil pump, oil circuit and oil pump motor, so that the gearbox gear can operate normally.

The rated voltage and frequency of the twin-screw granulator host should be controlled at more than 50% of the rated voltage and frequency during normal operation; the rated current of the host is the rated current of the motor, and during normal operation, it should be controlled at Below 80% of the rated current, leave room to prevent overloading.

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