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Analysis on the equipment of the plastic pellet machine

by:TENGDA     2022-01-06

Nanjing Twin Screw Information: The plastic pellet machine is mainly used to process waste plastic film, which can turn a lot of waste plastic into treasure. Energy saving and environmental protection is a topic that is more frequently mentioned in modern life. In fact, in many discarded products, there are still many things that can be turned into treasures again. This not only saves a large part of resources, but also reduces the pollution of waste disposal, and contributes to the creation of a green and healthy environment. Great contribution.

So what do you know about the equipment of this plastic pellet machine? Let’s talk to Tengda Machinery, a manufacturer of twin-screw extruders in Nanjing, on this issue.

1. Cooling device

The cooling method of plastic pellet machine usually adopts water cooling. It causes cracks during use. Therefore, in ordinary plastics, it is usually not recommended to use the rapid cooling method. Only the PVC plastic layer will use the rapid cooling method.

2. Auxiliary equipment

The use of the auxiliary equipment of the plastic pellet machine, the extruder unit is different, which leads to its different options, only choose the right one The auxiliary equipment can make it play a greater role.

3. Preheating device

Cable core preheating is necessary for sheath extrusion and insulation extrusion. The wire core can be completely removed from the surface of water and oil through high temperature preheating before extrusion. For the insulating layer, during this process, it is not allowed to allow any pores to exist.

In summary, the equipment and equipment of the plastic pellet machine are introduced here. In actual work and life, plastic pellets The machine has been widely used in the waste recycling industry. It can turn more plastic production waste into treasure. Different types of plastic pellet machines have different production methods and can be used in different products. However, no matter what type of plastic pellet machine, their equipment and equipment are all It's almost the same. If you want to know more details, you can enter the company's official website for consultation, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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