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Application of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-09

Plastic extruders can produce many types of parts, but require parts to have a consistent profile.

First, plastic pipes

Plastic pipe, sometimes made from PVC thermoplastic, is a very common plastic extruder application because of its simple cylindrical profile shape;

Second, wire insulation

There are many thermoplastics with good electrical insulation and thermal stability, so they are mostly used for insulation and sheathing of extruded wires and cables;

Third, door and window profiles

The frame of plastic doors and windows is very suitable for extrusion molding by plastic extruder because of its continuous profile and good length;

Fourth, the windshield wiper

Car windshield wipers are usually extruded, and the extruded plastic can be a synthetic rubber material such as EPDM;


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