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Clean the melt blown extruder after using it

by:TENGDA     2022-11-20

After use, the melt blown material extruder should be regularly inspected, cleaned, and replaced with lubricating oil and water according to the specified requirements. At the same time, check the operation of vacuum pumping, cooling water tank, motor, etc. to ensure that there is no leakage in each sealing part. It is necessary to regularly check the smooth flow of cooling water in the host, and keep the temperature below 26 degrees; as well as the wear of the screw and barrel, the pressure and temperature of the barrel, and the feeding situation.

Check the damage and corrosion on the surface of the flow channel, the size loss of the perforated plate, and whether there is blockage that affects the output and appearance of the product. The water tank and water filter should be checked and cleaned regularly, and kept clean, and new water should be replaced regularly; pipelines and cooling equipment should be clean and clean, and there are no suspended impurities in industrial soft water. During the use of the separation tank in the vacuum system, there will be viscous substances remaining in the tank, so it needs to be stopped for regular cleaning.

After the new gear box of the melt-blown material extruder is running and running in, new oil should be replaced, and new oil should be replaced every 4,000 hours of operation thereafter. Check the temperature rise of the motor and the oil tank, whether there is abnormal noise in the motor and gear, whether the bearing has local overheating or oil leakage; the radial runout of the spline shaft and the oil filter, and the contact gap with the end face of the screw Is it normal. The oil filter should be cleaned regularly, the dirt deposited at the bottom of the oil tank should be removed in time, and the lubrication points should be refueled regularly.

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