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Cleaning tools needed to clean the twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-12-26
​ The first two editors introduced the method of cleaning the twin-screw granulator. In this issue, I will tell you how to choose the correct and suitable equipment and cleaning materials. To clean the twin-screw granulator, the materials used should include: high temperature resistant gloves, goggles, copper scraper, copper brush, copper wire mesh, stearic acid, electric drill, cylinder ruler, pure cotton cloth. Although it needs so much, it is only secondary to cleaning the twin-screw granulator, and the safety of personnel is the main thing.
When cleaning the twin-screw granulator, when the cleaning resin stops extruding, the granulator screw can be pulled out of the equipment. Compared with the granulator screw with cooling system, before starting the extraction equipment of the twin-screw granulator (this equipment is likely to be attached to the gearbox), first remove the hose line and the rotary connection. Push the granulator screw forward to expose the position of 4-5 screw blocks. If most of the cleaning resin is removed, sprinkle a little stearic acid on the granulator screw; then dispose of the remaining residue with a copper wire mesh. After the entire granulator screw is wiped clean by the copper wire mesh, use pure cotton cloth for the last step of wiping. This is also to ensure that the next production of the granulator screw will not carry any pollutants. After the granulator screw has been thoroughly cleaned, it can be set aside until the rest of the equipment is also thoroughly cleaned.
If the extruder screw needs to be taken out for storage, a layer of grease should be applied to the surface to prevent corrosion and rust. Cleaning the twin-screw granulator must not use steel tools, such as steel screwdrivers, scrapers or pry bars to remove plastic stuck to the granulator screw, because steel and other metals will damage the granulator screw and barrel. The surface layer, thereby reducing the life cycle of the twin-screw granulator.
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