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Common failure analysis methods of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-01-09

Nanjing twin screw extruder manufacturer information: Plastic extruder is a relatively common plastic machinery and equipment. In the daily operation process, it is often caused by improper operation or other reasons. This or that kind of failure affects normal production.

Today, Nanjing Twin-screw-Tengda Machinery will introduce common failure analysis methods for plastic extruders.

1. The main motor of the plastic extruder makes an abnormal sound

There are two main reasons for this abnormal sound. On the one hand, It is because a certain thyristor in the thyristor rectifier circuit of the main motor is damaged; on the other hand, it may also be caused by damage to the bearing of the main motor.

The solution to this situation is: first check the thyristor rectifier circuit of the main motor to see if it is damaged. If necessary, replace the new thyristor component; if it is plastic extrusion If the bearing of the main motor is damaged, it can be replaced with a new bearing.

2. The host current is unstable

There are many reasons for this situation. It may be that a certain section of the heater has failed and has no heating function; it may be uneven feeding; It may also be that the screw adjustment pad is incorrect or the phase is incorrect; it may also be that the bearing of the main motor is poorly lubricated or damaged.

In view of this situation, check the heater, bearing, screw and feeding condition one by one. If the heater is damaged, replace the heater; if the feeding is uneven, check the feeder and eliminate the fault; if there is a problem with the adjustment pad of the screw, you can see if there is any interference; if If the bearing is damaged, the bearing must be replaced.

When the plastic extruder fails, it is necessary to carefully check and analyze the cause, find the exact cause of the failure, and repair it in time or replace with new parts, better Ask the staff of professional plastic extruder manufacturers to help repair, which can save time and improve work efficiency.

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