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Control system of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-08
The plastic extruder is composed of several subsystems of the control system, including a heating system, a condensation system and a parameter measurement system, and these systems complement each other and jointly drive the equipment to complete the processing operation, including electronics, control tables and Drive mechanism. The functions of these mechanisms are also different. They are to control and adjust the driving motor, output the required 1 extrusion speed and processing power for plastic processing, and coordinate the organization of operations; the temperature adjustment and real-time monitoring required for plastic processing, and the internal pressure To detect and determine the flow, so as to coordinate and control the whole machine.
The electrical control mechanism of the plastic extruder has two parts. These two parts are called the transmission control and the temperature control. Of course, not only the temperature rise, the cooling system is also a part of temperature control. After processing and molding, the temperature also needs to be lowered, and the screw and barrel are controlled to control the rotation speed and internal pressure of the screw, as well as to stabilize the extrusion speed. During the operation, not only the temperature of the screw and the barrel will rise, and the plastic will be extruded and melted out, but also the heat generated by the screw rotating extrusion should be considered, so the overall temperature should be considered to prevent the processing temperature from overflowing, and make Effective cooling mechanism.

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