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Control system of plastic granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-11-09

The control system of the plastic granulator includes a heating system, a cooling system and a process parameter measurement system, which is mainly composed of electrical appliances, instruments and actuators (ie, control panel and console). Its main functions are: control and adjust the driving motor of the main and auxiliary machines, output the speed and power that meet the process requirements, and enable the main and auxiliary machines to work in coordination; detect and adjust the temperature, pressure and flow of the plastic in the extruder; realize Control or automatic control of the entire unit.

The electrical control of the extrusion unit is roughly divided into two parts: transmission control and temperature control, which realizes the control of the extrusion process including temperature, pressure, screw rotation, screw cooling, barrel cooling, product cooling and outer diameter, as well as traction speed. , neatly arrange the wire and ensure the constant tension control of the take-up reel from the empty reel to the full reel.

1. Temperature control of the extruder host

The plastic extrusion of wire and cable insulation and sheathing is carried out in a viscous flow state according to the deformation properties of thermoplastics. In addition to requiring external heating of the screw and barrel, which is transmitted to the plastic to melt and extrude, the heat generated by the screw itself when extruding the plastic is also required. Therefore, the temperature of the host should be considered as a whole, including the opening and closing of the heater. It is necessary to consider the factor of the extrusion heat overflow of the screw to cool it, and there must be effective cooling facilities. And it is required to correctly and reasonably determine the position and installation method of the thermocouple of the measuring element, so that the actual temperature of each section of the host can be accurately reflected from the reading of the temperature control instrument. And the accuracy of the temperature control instrument is required to be well coordinated with the system, so that the fluctuation stability of the entire host temperature control system can meet the requirements of the extrusion temperature of various plastics.

2. Pressure control of extruder

In order to reflect the extrusion situation of the die head, it is necessary to detect the die pressure during extrusion. Since the domestic extruder does not have a die pressure sensor, the measurement of the thrust force after screw extrusion is generally used instead of the die pressure measurement. The screw load table (Ammeter or voltmeter) can correctly reflect the size of extrusion pressure. The fluctuation of extrusion pressure is also one of the important factors that cause unstable extrusion quality. The fluctuation of extrusion pressure is closely related to factors such as extrusion temperature, the use of cooling device, and the length of continuous operation time. When abnormal phenomena occur, those that can be eliminated can be eliminated quickly, and those that must be reorganized should be stopped decisively, which can not only avoid the increase of waste products, but also prevent the occurrence of accidents. Through the detected pressure gauge reading, you can know the pressure state of the plastic when it is extruded. Generally, the limit value of the rear thrust is used for alarm control. Masterbatch Granulator

3. Control of screw speed

The adjustment and stability of the screw speed is one of the important technological requirements of the host drive. The screw speed directly determines the amount of glue and the extrusion speed. In normal production, it is always hoped that the best

It is possible to achieve the highest speed and achieve high output. When the screw speed of the extruder is required to be from the start to the required working speed, the available speed regulation range should be large. Moreover, the stability of the rotational speed is required to be high, because the fluctuation of the rotational speed will lead to the fluctuation of the extrusion amount and affect the extrusion quality. Therefore, when the speed of the pulling line does not change, the outer diameter of the cable will change. In the same way, if the line speed of the traction device fluctuates greatly, the outer diameter of the cable will also change. The speed of the screw and the traction line can be reflected by the corresponding instrument on the operating table. It should be closely observed during extrusion to ensure high quality and high yield.

4. Control of outer diameter

As mentioned above, in order to ensure the outer diameter of the product cable, in addition to the requirement to control the dimensional tolerance of the wire core (cable core), the extrusion temperature, screw speed, and linear speed of the traction device should be controlled and guaranteed. The measurement control of the above comprehensively reflects the accuracy and level of the above control. In the extrusion unit equipment, especially the high-speed extrusion production line, an online outer diameter detector should be equipped to detect the outer diameter of the cable at any time, and feedback the out-of-tolerance signal to adjust the speed of the traction or screw and correct the outer diameter. Very bad.

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