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Energy saving effect of twin screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-10-16

The energy saving of the power part of the twin-screw granulator is mainly in the form of a frequency converter, which can save the excess energy consumption of the motor. It is usually the change of motor power, and the effect of energy saving is realized. Compared with the previous resistance ring, the energy saving effect of the plastic granulator has great advantages, which greatly saves the use of energy and reduces the loss. One of the reasons people welcome it. Friends who need a plastic granulator can choose according to their own requirements.

The energy saving of the heating part of the twin-screw granulator is mainly achieved by using electromagnetic heaters. The energy saving rate of the plastic granulator is 30% to 70% of the traditional resistance ring, which can save a lot of energy. energy. On the one hand, there is an insulating layer around the electromagnetic heater, which can significantly increase the utilization rate of thermal energy; second, the heating speed of the electromagnetic heater is very fast, so the production efficiency of the enterprise is also improved, so it also It reduces the power loss caused by the high saturation of the motor; third, the heating speed of the electromagnetic heater is more than 20% faster than that of the traditional resistance coil, which reduces the heating time a lot; in addition, the electromagnetic heating The heater directly heats the material tube, which reduces the loss of heat transfer a lot. Through the above points, we can see the reason why the plastic granulator has such a strong energy saving effect.

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