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Energy Saving Transformation of Granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-12-24
The energy saving of the granulator can be divided into two parts: one is the power part and the other is the heating part.

Energy saving in the power part: Most of them use frequency converters, and the energy saving method is to save the remaining energy consumption of the motor. For example, the actual power of the motor is 50Hz, but you actually only need 30Hz in production, which is enough for production, and the excess energy consumption will be in vain. Wasted, the frequency converter is to change the power output of the motor to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Energy saving in the heating part: Most of the energy saving in the heating part is the use of electromagnetic heaters, and the energy saving rate is about 30%-70% of that of the old-fashioned resistance coil.

1. Compared with resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater has an extra layer of insulation layer, which increases the utilization rate of heat energy.

2. Compared with resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater directly acts on the material tube to heat, which reduces the loss of heat energy in heat transfer.

3. Compared with resistance heating, the heating speed of the electromagnetic heater is more than a quarter faster, which reduces the heating time.

4. Compared with resistance heating, the heating speed of the electromagnetic heater is faster, the production efficiency is improved, and the motor is in a saturated state, which reduces the power loss caused by high power and low demand.

The above four points are the reasons why the Feiru electromagnetic heater can save energy by as much as 30%-70% on the granulator.
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