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Extrusion coating and lamination machine drive and control systems

by:TENGDA     2022-11-18

Modern and efficient production lines require reliable drives and sophisticated control systems. Accurate DC motor drive and microprocessor control can ensure the production of stable quality products.

The individual machine components are equipped with a regenerative drive system with Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR: Silicon Controlled Rectifier) ​​and a commutated parallel motor. Extrusion coating and lamination machines have several similar components, all with programmed logic controls called PLCs or microprocessors. PLCs do not have hardwired relay or logic control elements, but they contain a processor with input and output interfaces, a central processing unit, a software memory system and a coating process program memory. PLCs offer the following advantages:

- Modular Z design;

- software replaces hardware;

- easy to change the processing program and expand the machine;

——Simple judgment and testing equipment;


Machines used for more complex production programs are often connected to a program control system,

Machining parameters are controlled by separate simulation devices such as:

- Tension controller driven by r/min;

- drying temperature controller;

- Gas pressure controller for the pressure cylinder.

The machining control system only provides machining reference parameters. This provides the possibility to operate the machine in manual mode, like any twin-screw pelletizing machine without a programmed control system before. A separate control loop operates automatically and guarantees precise control, especially when the dynamic load of the drive system is high. Machining datum parameters must be compatible with PLCs. PVC Granulator

The following machining datum parameters are available:

- machine speed;

- membrane tension in different parts of the machine;

- the nip pressure of the pressure roller, which is very important in the coating process;

- the coating thickness indicated by the thickness tester;

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