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Gearboxes with hard tooth surfaces are more suitable for twin-screw extruders

by:TENGDA     2022-12-26
Here I want to introduce to you the hard tooth surface series of gearboxes. There are many styles and models of reducers. Why do I only choose the hard tooth surface series of gearboxes to introduce?
Because the characteristic of the hard tooth surface reducer is that it is hard, and the general working conditions of equipment such as extruders will be more complicated, and there is a large torque requirement for the driven object. In fact, if a motor product under the same power model can drive a larger object, it is necessary to add a gearbox to reduce the motor speed and increase the torque.
The function of the gearbox is to expand the original torque of the motor according to the multiple of the reduction ratio. The hard-tooth surface reducer is a reducer with a relatively large transmission torque among many reduction boxes. Therefore, in the case of poor use environment, large impact force, and heavy load, the hard-tooth surface reducer is not only suitable for use, but also very wear-resistant. Durable, anti-corrosion, etc., these characteristics are all derived from the strict control and great investment of the manufacturer in the selection of materials and craftsmanship.
There are many cases of TENGDA hard tooth surface reducer applied to twin-screw extruders. You can pay attention to the hard tooth surface reducer motor products produced by TENGDA.

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