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High output twin screw extruder TDH-65D

High output twin screw extruder TDH-65D


The latest news from Nanjing Tengda——

Chinaplas 2021

This is the first appearance of the exhibition after the impact of the new crown virus epidemic. It is also a manifestation of the effectiveness of our national defense epidemic. It will bring opportunities for upstream, middle and downstream companies in the rubber and plastics industry chain to understand new developments in the industry and seize business opportunities in a timely manner.

2020 is an extraordinary year for us. Against the background that the global economy has been greatly affected, China is working hard to contribute more certainty to the world in a period of turbulent change. Faced with the big test of the epidemic, China's economy has recovered strongly, with domestic GDP breaking the one-hundred-billion-yuan mark, a year-on-year increase of 2.3%, making it the only major economy in the world that has achieved positive economic growth.

Nowadays, China's rubber and plastic machinery and materials have made great progress. They are favored by the market with their international-level technology, excellent durability and stability, high-quality service and high cost performance.

In April 2021, Nanjing Tengda will also attend the appointment as scheduled. This year we will use the slogan "Nanjing Tengda, make biodegradable materials, use the Hulk" as the slogan, and exhibit two sets of twin-screws extruder for biodegradable materials at the 2021 Chinaplas.

TDH-65D High Torque &High output Twin Screw Extruder biodegradable Granules Production Line.

TDH-65D Series Equipped with hing torque or ultra-high torque gearbox,deceleration and torque distribution are integrated,New structure design,imported zero-stress safety coupling can be selected.

Adopt high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant barrel and screw and high-strength mandrel.

Adopt air cooling strand pelletizing system,the unit has reliable performance and the operation is easy.

L/D :52:1 , Appling in biodegradable granules production.

TSH-35P Experimental Co-rotating Twin -screw Compounding /Pelletizing Extruder System.

The design Concept of TSH experimental extruder is plug and play mode,and adopts integrated mode.All system are installed in the base of the mainframe extruder and can be put into use as long as the power ,and water is well prepared.

L/D :48:1 ,Focus on biodegradable granules production line.

On April 16, 2020, the International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition ended successfully. The equipment exhibited by Tengda from the appearance of the machine to the practicability of the equipment has been unanimously praised by the exhibitors. In the future, Nanjing Tengda will still spare no effort. We provide professional technical support for the development and design of extruder, and we look forward to meeting you next time with ChinaPlas.

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