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Introduction of masterbatch granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-11-06

The structure of plastic is an aggregate composed of many linear and slender polymer compounds. According to the degree of regular arrangement of the molecules, it is called the degree of crystallization (crystallinity), and the degree of crystallization can be measured by the reflection of x-rays. . The structure of organic compounds is complex, the structure of plastics is more complex, and the structure of molecular chains (linear, hairball, folded, helical, etc.) varies widely, resulting in great changes in its structure due to different molding conditions. Plastics with high crystallinity are crystalline plastics, and the gravitational force between molecules easily interacts, making them tough plastics. In order to achieve crystallization and regular arrangement, the volume becomes smaller, and the molding shrinkage rate and thermal expansion rate become larger. Therefore, the higher the crystallinity, the worse the transparency but the greater the strength

The screw of the color masterbatch granulator is designed and manufactured by the principle of building blocks. According to the requirements of the processing material system and process formula, its aspect ratio, barrel structure, screw arrangement, screen changing structure, exhaust quantity and position, feeding method, electrical control method, etc. can be optimized and rationally configured. Realize multi-function and multi-purpose to adapt to the processing of polymer materials, make full use of limited space, design the Z new involute spline structure mandrel, ensure the largest bearing capacity and achieve high torque transmission; the threaded components using computer-aided design are Meshing conjugate type. It has excellent self-cleaning function and good interchangeability. Its specifications include conveying block, kneading block, kneading block, counterflow block and toothed disc, etc. Through appropriate and reasonable combination, material transportation can be realized. Plasticizing, shearing, dispersing, homogenizing, exhausting, building pressure, etc., to realize the technological process of polymer materials. Masterbatch Granulator

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