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Introduction of rubber processing methods and types

by:TENGDA     2022-11-07

Introduction of rubber processing methods and types

Rubber is generally considered to be the general term for all polymer elastomers. There are four main forms of rubber: raw rubber, masticated rubber, compounded rubber, and vulcanized rubber. In addition, there are reclaimed rubber, pure rubber, masterbatch and so on. Raw rubber refers to rubber that has not undergone any processing; plasticized rubber refers to rubber that only undergoes plasticizing processing and has certain plasticity requirements;

Rubber, also known as elastomer, has elasticity and can show the ability to deform at a high degree under the action of a small external force, and after the external force is removed, it can recover its shape. This high elasticity is unique to rubber. some. High elastic properties can be manifested in a wide range of degrees from minus tens of degrees Celsius to one west of Celsius: such as silicone rubber, rubber (vulcanized rubber). However, when the rubber is deformed greatly, it also exhibits the properties of a viscous liquid. The viscoelastic properties of the rubber processed by the rubber granulator make it irreplaceable by other materials in terms of buffering, shock-proofing, vibration-damping, and dynamic sealing.

But rubber also has many deficiencies, such as rubber except in the small deformation area (less than 50%), there is no fixed Young's modulus, the Young's modulus in the small deformation range is about 1. ON/mm2. The tensile strength of rubber is not high, especially amorphous indium rubber, such as styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, silicone rubber, etc. that have not been reinforced, the tensile strength of vulcanized rubber is only 1-3MPa. Carbon black and white rubber are added to the rubber. Carbon black, resin, fiber and other reinforcing agents can improve the hardness, modulus, tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance of rubber. In order to overcome the viscous flow of rubber at higher temperatures and adapt to applications in a wide temperature range, a cross-linking agent must be added to rubber processing to make it cross-linked into a three-dimensional network structure. Most rubber chains have double bonds, and these active double bonds are easy to react with oxygen, resulting in the breakage or structuring of the rubber chain, and the performance deteriorates. Therefore, most of the rubber materials need to be added with anti-aging agents to prolong the service life of rubber products. In order to improve the cold resistance and processability of rubber, various plasticizers, dispersants, tackifiers, etc. are often added to the rubber. Rubber products are actually composites of various materials. Filler Masterbatch Granulator

Although raw rubber is an important part of rubber products, the simple use of raw rubber will bring great difficulties to the processing process and to meet the requirements of products. Therefore, the raw materials used in the rubber industry are not only raw rubber, but also many other substances. These include substances that improve the technological properties of raw rubber and the performance of vulcanized rubber during processing, thereby increasing the use value and reducing the cost of products. All kinds of raw materials added to raw rubber are called rubber accelerators.

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