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Introduction to the basic principle of twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-30
​The first twin-screw extruder has the extruder principle of the single-screw extruder: solid-state transport melting addition and underwater mixing stripping and devolatilization, but not purely so. The research on the basic theory of twin-screw extrusion is gradually late, and there are many types of it, the geometry of the extruder screw is complicated, and the extrusion process is complicated, which brings many difficulties to the research.

Generally speaking, the research on the basic theory of twin-screw extrusion is still in the initial stage, which is often said to be 'craftsmanship exceeds scientific research'.

Introduction to the basic principle of twin-screw extruder​

From the study of its extrusion process, there are roughly three stages:

1. The regularity of physical changes in the extrusion process of polymers, the principle of transportation, the facts and regularity of the transportation exhaust pipe of solid melts, and the establishment of a physical model of physics with mathematical thinking, which is used to guide the development of twin-screw extruders Enhancement of formulation and extrusion process.

2. It is necessary to understand the physical changes of more than two kinds of polymer compounds and materials during the extrusion process, the mixing shape, the process of structural changes, and the relationship between the final mixed substance and function.

3. As a twin-screw extruder, the relationship between the reaction process, speed, characteristics, extruder screw configuration, and actual operating conditions during extrusion reflection forming is established to guide reflection forming extrusion.

The development trend of twin-screw extruder: it was first developed in Spain in the 1930s of the 20th century, and the development trend was rapid at the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 70s. With the development of polymer modified materials, the research on the theory of twin-screw extrusion can not be integrated into the development trend of application, a consensus has been formed in the world, and it has become a research hotspot.

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