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Maintenance method of twin screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-11-16

Maintenance method of twin screw extruder:

After 500 hours of use, there will be iron filings or other impurities in the reducer to wear the gears. Therefore, the gears should be cleaned and the lubricating oil of the reducer should be replaced at the same time.

After a period of use, a comprehensive inspection of the extruder is required to check whether all screws are tight.

If there is a sudden power failure during the production process, the main drive and heating stop, when the power supply is restored, all parts of the barrel must be heated to the specified temperature and kept for a certain holding time before the extruder can be started.

If the steering fullness of the measuring instrument and indicator is found, check whether the thermocouple and other edge lines have good contact.

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