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Maintenance method of twin screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-10-09

The staff maintains the twin-screw extruder according to the process, so that the equipment can give full play to the more use value, and at the same time create a lot of profits for the company. The maintenance of plastic extruders, just like our own maintenance, requires a careful attitude and appropriate methods to increase the service life of the equipment.

Workers often grease the parts of the twin-screw extruder. Lubricating oil is created to assist the company's equipment parts to operate more strongly. This type of grease reduces the damage in the middle of the parts, improves the service time of the equipment parts, and ensures the stronger operation of the equipment. More importantly, the staff should pay special attention to the application industry of the equipment. Each device has its own scope of application. Only when the device is used in the application industry can the device be maintained.

If the equipment stops working, the staff should ask the store's after-sales service to deal with it, and cannot repair it by themselves. Because only professional maintenance staff can repair the equipment without destroying the equipment. Therefore, the staff should pay more attention to this.

The maintenance of the twin-screw extruder is to ensure that the equipment is clean every day. After the equipment is manufactured and operated for a day, there will be a lot of dust and waste inside the equipment manufacturing, so the staff should habitually clean the system garbage for the equipment to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment. At the same time, it will also leave a good impression for the boss and cadres when they visit and inspect.

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