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Masterbatch production process

by:TENGDA     2022-11-17

1. Weighing: Toner, carrier, lubricant, dispersant and other additives are weighed according to the weight required by the process, and the higher the accuracy, the better.

2. Stirring: Put the weighed components into the high-speed mixer in the order required by the process

3. Extruder: Set according to the temperature of the carrier of the masterbatch, keep it warm for a certain time before starting the machine, and increase the speed from slow to fast.

4. Stranding: After the die is discharged, hold the strip and move it towards the pelletizer at a constant speed, passing through a blow dryer or a suction dryer in the middle.

5. Cut and pull: When the material strip reaches the feed port of the pelletizer, slowly increase the speed of the pelletizer.

6. Packaging: according to the company's requirements

7. Follow-up adjustment: After the complete set of equipment is running normally for a period of time, adjust the speed to the normal production speed in turn. Masterbatch Granulator

Color Masterbatch Granulator Processing Equipment Arrangement: High Mixer----Spiral Automatic Feeder------Twin Screw Granulator-------Cooling Water Tank------- Dryer-------cut pellets

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