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Operating procedures for plastic extruders?

by:TENGDA     2023-01-07

The plastic extrusion unit is composed of an extruder (main machine) and multiple auxiliary equipment. During production, the crew should cooperate closely with the operation. Therefore, during the operation, the staff must be familiar with the production process and operating procedures.

First, the plastic process of the plastic extruder

Plastic extruders are hot extrusion equipment. The coiled cable or cable core is placed on the pay-off device, and a certain tension is ensured. The plastic particles are fed into the barrel of the plastic extruder through the hopper, and enter the machine chamber due to the rotation of the screw. Rotate and stir to promote the plasticization of the plastic, and push it to the machine head, extrude from the die, and wrap it on the wire and cable core or cable core in a complete and compact manner. In order to control the thickness of the plastic layer and the extrusion pressure, the annular distance between the mold core and the mold sleeve should be adjusted to make the plastic layer uniform.

Each single unit in the unit rotates independently, and the working speed of each unit can be adjusted separately. The speed of the screw and the traction are well coordinated to ensure that the outer diameter of the wire and cable extrusion and the thickness of the plastic layer are uniform and meet the requirements of the process size. The speed of receiving and discharging wires should be well coordinated with the production speed of wires and cables to prevent other quality problems.

Second, the operating procedures of the plastic extruder

(1) The operator should check the lubrication, rotation, electrical control, etc. of each part of the equipment, and find the relevant personnel to solve the problem immediately if any problem is found;

(2) Choose the mold according to the product requirements, and adjust the distance between the mold core and the mold sleeve to prevent the thickness deviation of the plastic layer from being too large;

(3) The heating system should be started 2~3 hours in advance, and the temperature of each section should be adjusted according to the process regulations to prevent the temperature from being too high or low;

(4) Prepare a suitable take-up reel according to the length of the product, and fully consider the bending radius of the wire and cable, and arrange the wires tightly and neatly;

(5) The machine head and screw should be cleaned, and the machine head and screw should be installed in time after cleaning;

(6) After the end, check the power supply, water source, air source, and equipment parts. After confirming that there is no problem, turn off the power supply, air source, and water source before leaving the machine;

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