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Operation process of twin screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-10-08

Analysis of the operation process of the twin-screw extruder granulator: check and prepare before starting the machine, close the switch and contactor, adjust the thermometer, make the actual temperature reach the set temperature, and keep it for 20~30 minutes; check the main hopper and the material Check whether there is any foreign matter in the box, if so, it should be cleaned up in time. Start the oil pump, open and close the pressure reducing valve, make the oil pressure between 0.05~0.2Mpa, and start the program. When the temperature of a certain section is 5o higher than the set temperature, start the water pump, adjust the pressure regulating valve, make the water pressure within 0.2~0.3Mpa, and control the temperature fluctuation.

Start the main motor and slowly increase the speed to 30~50r/min, start the feeder and slowly feed the material, so that the load current of the main machine is not greater than 50% of the rated current, and ensure that the feeding port does not accumulate material, according to the rotation direction shown by the coupling. The moving screw should move freely and rotate no less than one week. The material strip enters the water and guides forward, which is consistent with the extrusion speed of the strip. Cut off the head with scissors in the water outlet, so that the material strip is between Φ2~Φ4, start the oil pump, and delay for 1 minute to stabilize the oil pressure at 0.05 ~0.2Mpa range; start the cutting machine at low speed, and start the vibrating screen; slowly increase the feeding amount to ensure that the current does not exceed 70~80% of the rated current, pass the air knife, adjust the cutting machine speed, and squeeze To match the output speed, open the water valve in and out, and start the air knife. Add the high-mixed material to the hopper of the main machine, and after the die exits, the main machine will speed up to 150~500r/min.

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