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Operation steps of twin screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-09-29

Turn on the twin-screw granulator, and adjust the frequency conversion speed of the host and the granulator according to the size of the particles. Only after the two are well coordinated can the uniform particles be cut and the output can be maximized. Adjust the pelletizer, perform frequency conversion speed regulation, and adjust the size of the pellets. Before discharging, let the pelletizer rotate continuously, and then turn on the main machine for formal production.

Close the die head, turn on the main screw motor of the plastic granulator, until the die head extrudes the silk material, then close the pelletizing cover, connect the cutting tool holder and lock it. During this process, the staff should stay away from the die head to avoid the die head being blocked by the hard material and hurting people. After the temperature of the twin-screw extruder reaches the set temperature, open the feeding device, pour in the raw material or cleaning material, and clean the residue in the screw until the new material is extruded, then stop the extrusion, and quickly remove the filter plate and the cleaning material. The die is installed.

Check the lubricating state and oil level of oil, gear oil and high-temperature butter, and clean the hopper unit and the inlet and outlet pipes. The movable parts should be added with lubricating oil once a week; the gear oil of the new machine should be replaced every six months. Turn on the power first, set the temperature, and observe whether the heating is normal. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, prepare the material and turn on the main motor in turn.

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